2021 edition

It is the responsibility of each and everyone to care and be aware as we all join forces to keep standing through the historical predicament at hand.

MAMA JAZ is a month-long festival dedicated to Creative Music & Jazz, nested in Mauritius, harmonised with April, demonstrating every year since 2016.

Indoor or outdoor, online or offline, on National Tv, Radios and the Internet, the heart of the initiative beats through all waves to convey the most positive frequencies.

We will embrace what Life throws at us and this 6th edition of the festival, even if dematerialised, is substantial as we focus on human resilience, optimism, tenacity as well as hopes for a healthy world.

Bring it on :)

We are calling out to all humans (no age limit) willing to come together for a performance on their own and share energy through music or dance with us on Facebook.

Very simple: Just audio-video record your performance and publish on your Facebook page tagging MAMA JAZ.

# Ti Mama Fami # Mama Jaz 2021
Given the overwhelming popularity of this campaign in 2020, MAMA JAZ called again upon graceful artists to emit energy sparks in April a little bit differently; these will be published on Facebook, YouTube and shared.

# Minit Mazik
Since we cannot hold live concerts yet, we are highlighting previous installments through a dense programme across National Television, Radio and MAMA JAZ’s official Facebook page:

Friday 2nd of April
20h20 - 21h20
Desvaux-Bertin Trio | Sunday Grand Concert | MAMA JAZ 2018 | MBC 1

Thursday 8th of April
20h00 - 21h00
Deheb | Nepetalakton Series | MAMA JAZ 2020 | Facebook

Sunday 11th of April
20h20 - 21h20
Inner Dimension | Sunday Grand Concert | MAMA JAZ 2018 | MBC 1

22h00 - 23h00
Gina & Belingo | Extraordinary Sunday Session | MAMA JAZ 2020 |Radio One & Facebook

Thursday 15th of April
20h00 - 21h00
Mawkus | Nepetalakton Series | MAMA JAZ 2018 | Facebook

Sunday 18th of April
20h20 - 21h20
Samuel Laval Quintet | Sunday Grand Concert | MAMA JAZ 2019 | MBC 1

22h00 - 23h00
Victor Kisswell | Nepetalakton Series | MAMA JAZ 2020 | Radio One & Facebook

Thursday 22nd of April
20h00 - 21h00
Nicola Conte | Nepetalakton Series | MAMA JAZ 2019 | Facebook

Sunday 25th of April
20h20 - 21h20
Kent | Sunday Grand Concert | MAMA JAZ 2019 | MBC 1

22h00 - 23h00
Triton So Jaz | Extraordinary Sunday Session | MAMA JAZ 2020 | Radio One & Facebook

Thursday 29th of April
20h00 - 21h00
Renegades of Jazz | Nepetalakton Series | MAMA JAZ 2020 | Facebook
With the cap of a music educator on, Jerry Léonide will conduct a series of masterclasses around themes relevant to professional and amateur practice.

These will be live streamed on MAMA JAZ’s official Facebook page & YouTube channel.

Tuesday 13th of April
20h - 20h30
Principles of Composition

Tuesday 20th of April
20h - 20h30

Tuesday 27th of April
20h - 20h30
Approaching a Live Performance
As we focus on human strengths, resilience and capacity to think for a better world, a series of conversations now comes to life within the festival programme.

These will be live streamed on MAMA JAZ’s official Facebook page & Youtube channel.

Wednesday 14th of April
20h - 22h
Making a Living as a Music Practitioner
Panelists: Elvis Heroseau, Jason Lily, Jean-René Bastien, Deeran Moorghen, Gary Mach
Mediator: Jerry Léonide

Wednesday 21st of April
Relevance & Life of Festivals
Panelists: Bruno Raya, Astrid Dalais, Jimmy Veerapin, Lionel Permal, Emilien Jubeau
Mediator: Jean-Luc Ahnee

Wednesday 28th of April
Nation-building, Decolonisation and Human Life: Towards a National Policy for Culture and the Importance of Promoting Artforms
Panelists: Joseph Tsang Mang Kin, Rama Poonoosamy, Lindsey Collen & Dr Hans Ramduth
Mediator: Anupah Makoond
30th of April
10th Anniversary

Music unites people in all corners of the World and Jazz is a highly celebrated key to the comprehension of Music.

Since 2011, International Jazz Day stands tall; championed by The Herbie Hancock Institute for Jazz, Unesco and global supporters. This year is the tenth edition of this global initiative and the present historical context makes the celebration extra special.

MAMA JAZ is a proud organisational partner and marks the date with:

Happy Jazz Day Surprise
Nepetalakton Series
Facebook | Soundcloud | Mixcloud | Apple Podcast | Google Podcast

Samuel Laval Quartet
Facebook | Youtube

What will you be doing on IJD?

Jazzday.com #jazzday10 #jazzday #nepetalakton #mamajaz2021

Music is Home

For ears, hearts and the pineal gland: On one hand wehave a collection of 22 gems, courtesy of Filoumoris.com, the keeper of amazing Indian Ocean albums; On the other we have 7 mixes from the seminal NEPETALAKTON podcast series, an ode to jazz by modern dj artists of the world.
Stay home, keep safe :)

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Amazing Partners

MAMA JAZ would not have its current form without the hardworking, comprehensive, encouraging, cheering, comforting, supportive, nurturing, motivating and respectful organisations which stand with it as ambition is to build a powerful space for human interactions and transmission of Art, Music and Love for the sake of societal progress!


Our team strives to contribute to the history of Mauritius and the world through sheer passion.
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