Gina &

About the act

MAMA JAZ loves Gina & Belingo, beautiful human beings having a passion for positive thinking and a deep respect for all life forms, as they will unveil through their grand concert just how subtle, graceful, sublime, exquisite, delicate, rare, universal, and dazzling, their fresh new act is. We recognise each of them as hardworking explorers of musical forms, one with a knack for inventions and the other for sensitive songwriting, as both feature as seasoned performers with distinctive voices and touch; on a definitive  mission to engage emotionally and convey their truths. Hence, shall shine, two of Mauritius’ finest artists and they will softly, deeply, surely, charm.

(GMT +4)

NOTICE: Sessions will be audio published online through Facebook & YouTube at 18h00 and aired on Radio One & Kool FM at 19H10 the same day.