Eric Triton
So Jaz


About the act

MAMA JAZ is enthusiastic to bring to public attention that after the last edition’s closing grand concert unveiling KENT, a quintet of five distinguished Mauritian master musicians brought together for the occasion, it has decided to commit to nurturing the idea of ephemeral art focused musical explorations beyond jazz through establishing MAMA KREASION, a creative residency process that wishes to mark through not just challenging conventions but also highlighting what cannot be categorised. This year’s closing MAMA JAZ Sunday Grand Concert sets to produce a remarkable spark of genius as Mauritian superstar Eric Triton very seriously undertakes to perform one uniquely powerful act. This extraordinary grand concert will be a statement for diversity, open mindedness and freedom. In honor of what jazz has brought, we reach for the essence of music, to deconstruct forms, embrace flows, being the moments, emit the most intense positive energies.

(GMT +4)

NOTICE: Sessions will be audio published online through Facebook & YouTube at 18h00 and aired on Radio One & Kool FM at 19H10 the same day.