An adventure in human musical culture amidst the challenging Mauritian context, the initiative was born out of a desire to celebrate Jazz and has evolved ever since, broadening its soundscape, reaches and experiences, consciously marching towards becoming a World Music and Jazz month; humbly contributing to the History of Mauritius and the world through sheer passion.



1st edition was a Jazz Week (25th of April to 1st of May) born out of the intention to celebrate International Jazz Day on the 30th April; One open-to-all education workshop; 42 Mauritian artists performed in 5 venues; 17 local partners supported the adventure; 70 hours of consciously performed music found 5,000 festival-goers


2nd edition, THE ONLY JAZZ MONTH IN THE SOUTHERN HEMISPHERE was born as the festival ambitiously sprung to cover the 1st of April to the 1st of May; 4 open-to-all educational workshops; 70 performing artists from Mauritius, South Korea, England, France, USA and Bulgaria in 11 venues'; 30 local and international partners came onboard to support; 100 hours of consciously performed music touched almost 10,000 festival-goers and 4 concerts broadcasted on National Television reached audiences of 400,000.


The only Jazz Month of the Southern Hemisphere is quietly established by channeling its substance in 5 Grand Concerts on the 5 Sundays of April at the Audi Zentrum of Bagatelle with the highlighting of the creative genius of Mauritius for the occasion of the fiftieth anniversary of independent Maurice with 4 master musicians; Also, MAMA JAZ scores by publishing its first podcast of the Nepetalakton series as action for International Jazz Day on April 30th. 27 partners support the initiative, whose concerts will be broadcast on national television, presenting to 89% of the population an anthology of talent from the territory as well as international rankings, the first concert featuring South Africans, Mozambicans, Swiss and Austrians.