the festival

MAMA JAZ is the only "Jazz Month" in the Southern Hemisphere, covers April every year and is based in Mauritius, Indian Ocean.

First edition was in 2016.

It sparked into existence, inspired by the symbol and messages of International Jazz Day, where it empowers local creative musicians as well as produces international acts; holds, in favor of community engagement, National Television broadcasts of concerts and, in regards to Music Education on its territory, develops groundbreaking programs; further, drives, for international dissemination, a podcast series: NEPETALAKTON, wishing ''Happy Jazz Day'' on the 30th of April through highly creative mixes of jazz focused DJ artists of the world.

MAMA JAZ is a proud organisational partner of International Jazz Day.

Alexandra Avice
Communications & Social Media

Akshar Seesunkur
Nepetalakton Series Coordination

Aurélie Thomas

Avneesh Bacha
DJ Program & New Media Consultancy

Burty Makoona

Christopher Essoo
Head of Lights

Denis Essoo
General Troubleshooting

Djameel Damoo
Sound, Lights & Structure Consultancy

Emilien Jubeau
Art Direction

Gavin Poonoosamy
General Direction & Music Program
Khedive Appah

Jerry Léonide
Head of Music Education

Mathieu Pigeot
Production Assistance

Matt Porter
International Troubleshooting

Natesh Makhan
Head of Sound

Neil Combstock
Recorded Sound Mastering Consultancy

Newraj Govinden
Creative Direction

Romi Poonoosamy
Technical Management

Sébastien Sauvage
Production Chief Whip

Sharon Pudman