Grand Concerts

sweet afternoon open air sessions

Post festival video

Team 2023

Founder, General Manager & Producer
Gavin Poonoosamy

Seeder, Music Education Advisor, Developmental Strategist, Producer
Jerry Léonide

Chief whip, Administrator, Technical Director, Producer
Romi Poonoosamy

Creative Director, Communications Strategist, Producer
Newraj G.

Head of Performances’ Lighting, Technical Director, Producer
Christopher Essoo

Digital Community Builder, Communications Strategist, Producer
Alexandra Avice

Head of Performances’ Sound, Producer
Natesh Makhan

Head of Performances’ Video Archiving, Producer
Yuri Bordelais

Magic Minutes Sound & Video Editing, Producer
Alexandre Pigeot

Head of Legal Affairs, Producer
Carolyn Desvaux de Marigny

Merchandise Operations, Producer
Thierry Wong

Djameel Damoo
Denis Essoo
Emilien Jubeau
Burty Makoona
Sharon Pudman
Ronysen Rama
Sébastien Sauvage
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